Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Napoli Barcelona - Joan Gamper Trophy

The traditional Joan Gamper pre season trophy is about to start with Barca: Pinto - Montoya Pique Fontas Adriano - Cesc Keita Thiago - KikoFemenia Villa Iniesta. Looks like it's Fabregas' first start with Barca and Montoya's first game with the first team since he underwent shoulder surgery at the end of last season. Good to see Fontas finally getting some game time.
I've actually pre-recorded this game, so apologies for the lack of enthusiasm.
and we have for Napoli: De Sanctis - Campagnaro Cannavaro Britos - Maggio Dzemaili Inler Dossena - Lavezzi Hamsik - Cavani

Ah, finally, here's iniesta with the armband getting the match underway. Good god after 20 minutes the ref finally blows for time on.
2' After two minutes of domination with Barca, Napoli finally get some touches on the ball.
3' Thiago was about to take a shot and the commentator is still talking about Joan Gamper changing his name.
3' Fabregas down in the area and no foul or anything given.
6' Campagnaro fires one into the area but Maggio completely ran out of space.
7' Iniesta is down from falling awkwardly and landed in a crash... he's back up but it looked painful.
8' Montoya gives the ball to cesc fabregas and it's a good shot but De Sanctis comes out for an easy save
9' Goal for Napoli! Oh wait ruled out. Pique is on the ground. It was 1. offside, and 2. as Cavani took the shot Pique was kicked in the face
11' Cavani with a shot on target with a header, Pinto with a save.
12' Villa trying to fire it into the area but it's blocked off by the napoli defense.
13' Iniesta literally running in circles because no one can take the ball off him, so they're all just standing in his way trying to obstruct him.
14' Cesc Fabregas giving the ball to Villa into the area but it's too long and Villa just manages from making it a goal kick by forcing it out of the touch line.
15' a string of shit passes forces the ball all the way back to the barcelona defense. It's good that they're actually having some defensive formation now. With madrid it was just all over the place.
17' Villa with an excellant chance but he's forced to send it away from the area as he is run out of space.
18' aaarrghhh Iniesta, Villa and Fabregas make an excellant run into the area, Fabregas is one on one with the keeper and he's completely off target! what!
20' Iniesta and Thiago put their efforts together to take a shot but it's sent away by the Napoli defense.
20' ball given away in the area again.
21' The flag is up for offside against David Villa. Partially Fabregas' doing with the late pass.
22' Inlter trying his luck from distance but it's nowhere near the goal.
22' Cannavaro looks like he's in a bit of pain as Kiko stepped on him earlier.
25' WOW. Adriano running into the area beating 3 defenders on the way, sends it across goal to an unmarked fabregas, who tips it into the goal. first goal for Fabregas at Barcelona! he's not fixing his chest strap as the camera is still zoomed into him.
27' Fumbling in the Barcelona end and Napoli corner. Britos heads it to the goal but Pinto finds a firm grip on the ball.
28' Lavezzi sprinting down the flank with Fontas on his tail, Pique drifted off to mark others in case he makes a cross, he goes for the shot himself and Pinto is forced to block it out.
30' Iniesta putting it into the area, soaring above everyone in front it goes to straight to Keita with a magnificiant header and it's a goal! the goalkeeper couldn't get to it in time.
31' Napoli now in the counter attack, Fontas clashes with Pinto as they both rush out to clear the ball.
32' A bit of a mess in the defense as Napoli get it near the area and no one is doing anything to clear it. Pinto picks it up before any shots were taken.
33' Pique lauches the ball all the way up the field to Villa who is massively offside.
34' Thiago fouled as he's tripped over but the ref has blown for thiago's handball. it wasn't a handball, we can see it in the replay now. what a stupid decision.
35' Kiko tripped up and Lavezzi kicking the ball away in frustration. He's booked for it.
37' Iniesta with a brillant pass to Adriano, who sends it to David Villa who has an easy chance now, just needs to tap it into the goal. but the keeper slides out and makes the save. shame.
38' oh what, Keita does a little flick with his heel sending it up and towards exactly where Iniesta is standing. impressive skill.
39' Britos is down now.
41' Britos off for treatment, subbed out for aronica.
42' Iniesta trying to clip it over the goal but the keeper dives out for a save.
43' long ass spell of posession only broken by once loose passes once or twice in a couple of minutes, but Barca keeps winning it back.
45' Fabregas pushes the ball forward for David Villa in front of goal, he flicks it towards the goal but it's cleared out just in time by the Napoli defense on the line.

Half time.
Stats! 71% posession for Barca, 5 shots on target, where Napoli only have 1. only one booking for Napoli so far.
Puyol and Afellay are in the stands. Afellay looking on awkwardly as Puyol signs something for an executive.
Dos Santos for Kiko, Bartra on for Pique, Pedro on for Villa, Cuenca on for Montoya, Sergi Roberto on for Iniesta. many, many changes for Barca. Keita has the armband now.

46' Cuenca fires the ball across goal but it's cleared by Napoli.
47' Fantasic strike from Pedro from outside the box but it's gone for the woodwork.
48' My god. Cuenca strikes from distance hits the woodwork again, Pedro catches the rebound and yet another strike on the posts! Guardiola literally has this face on :O 3 shots and hitting the woodwork 3 times in 2 minutes!
50' Cuenca falling rather slowly after a tackle on him. Played advantage. Messi is warming up.
50' Bartra preventing any danger for Napoli as he clears the ball out.
52' Adriano just not paying attention and letting the ball hit his foot and roll out of play.
53' Pedro flalling about as he's held back by the arm several times.
56' Adriano just handed Maggio in the face. free kick near the area.
56' Fabregas off for lionel messi!
57' Cavani's goal is ruled out for offside. AGAIN. it was very obvious and there were two people offside at the time.
58' Xavi on for Adriano, Donadel and Zuniga on for Napoli.
60' Messi making a break, offloading to Cuenca.
60' Cavani and Messi go down but no foul given on either.
60' Lavezzi this time given the foul against Messi. Free kick for Barca.
61' Messi takes the free kick, fires it toward to goal, it's hit the woodwork again! pedro catches the rebound off the keeper and heads it into the goal!
62' Fontas off for Mascherano, Adriano for Abidal, Keita for Busquets.
63' Pinto is the only one on pitch who started this game now.
64' Messi out runs a batch of defenders, passes to the left and kept in by Abidal.
65' GOAL NUMBER 4! Messi to Xavi to Pedro, crossing back to Messi, smacking the ball into the net again. Goal keeper tried to block Pedro's cross so Messi had no trouble avoiding him.
67' Roberto outmuscled and taken down but no foul is given to Barca.
68' Hamsik is off for Santana.
73' Excellant defending from Xavi, coming back to clear the ball cleanly and very nicely.
74' Barca looking for a way it but it's booted all the way up field again by solid napoli defense.
76' in the past minute alone i reckon Xavi has made 10 completed passes. literally.
76' Lionel Messi makes Goal number 5! Abidal gives him the ball, he makes the run and scores the goal. quick, efficiant goal scoring. excellant.
78' Almost through with another attack but Napoli pull back just in time to defend.
79' Dos Santos giving a free kick away with a foul near barca's corner.
80' a foul and a push on Roberto, a free kick for Barca.
81' Xavi fires the ball up the pitch for Messi but the keeper has come out of the area to head it to safety.
81' Late challenge on Cuenca by Victor Ruiz. the ref has chosen to keep the card in his pocket.
84' Xavi plays it through to Sergi Roberto and De Sanctis has come far out of the area to block a shot from him.
85' through ball form xavi, pedro running into space, had a space of a second to be one on one with the keeper and to score it, but it's far wide.
86' Pedro slips and fails to bring the ball in for a cross.
87' Cuenca down again, free kick given to Barca, Barca on the attack, taken really quickly, but messi is flagged offside.
90' Napoli looks to be taking a defensive approach with about 8 players in defense, a little too late i suppose.

Full time! good game, very relaxed and finally showing signs of what barca was like last year, i think the team's settled down a bit more since the earlier pre season games. some lovely plays out there today, but a little unlucky to have hit the woodwork so many times and so many off target shots that could well have been goals. At the same time it's a bad score for Napoli but i'm sure all the fans of barcelona are grateful that they took part in the joan gamper trophy this year, unlucky that both goals were ruled offside, they really were not as bad as the score seems to show.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

2nd leg supercup final, el clasico!

dear god they're walking onto the pitch. i'm fucking scared shitless.
Cant del Barca is playing. player handshakes.
Barcelona line-up: Valdes - Alves Mascherano Pique Abidal - Xavi Busquets Iniesta - Pedro Messi Villa
Real Madrid line-up: Casillas - Ramos Pepe Carvalho Coentrao - Xabi Alonso Khedira - Di Maria Ozil Cristiano - Benzema
i am fucking terrified, in a rather uncomfortable position but i can't more other than doing all this typing and ocassionally reaching to have some green able.

o' KICK OFF. so the panic begins! Ozil coming into the area, Abidal interception, Crisitano with a shot on target, saved and rebounded out for a corner already.
1' David Villa handball, free kick Real madrid going onto the attack, Offside for Coentrao.
2' the crowd is whistling and screaming non-stop. good atomosphere.
3' David Villa and Pepe both go down, free kick given to madrid.
3' Busquets taken down late, referee waves play one.
4' Barcelona hold posession for a bit of time, looking more like the Barca we're used to seeing now, but the ball is blocked out of the area and into attack for madrid.
5' David Villa tripped up completely but referee still waving for play on.
6' Villa sliding in to keep posession for Barca but Busquets eventually gives it away.
7' Villa coming in for a lot of good tackling and contact to give Barcelona a throw in, as ramos kicks it out of play.
8' Mascherano kicking it up the field for Pedro but it's too long for him and out of play it went.
8' Benzema sprinting down the flank with the ball but eventually ran out of space.
9' Madrid attack pushing all the way into the 18 yard box, Valdes comes out attempting to block but makes a mess of it and has to kick it out of play to take it out of danger.
10' Abidal coming back just in time to make a vital interception.
10' Abidal running ahead of Ozil to prevent him from scoring a goal.
11' Madrid on the attack again, blocked out by solid defense from Barca for once.
11' Ronaldo running down the flank but his cross is blocked by Javier Mascherano who sends it back to Victor Valdes.
12' Pedro through to defense, passing to Messi who might be offside but the flag stays down, he slides in at the end of Pedro's cross but Casillas comes out in time to make a save
13' Messi looking for iniesta in the 18 yard box but is blocked out by Madrid before it gets to him.
14' WOW. LIONEL MESSI COMING THROUGH, SENDING THE BALL TO INIESTA, WHO BEATS CASILLAS ONE ON ONE AND FINISHES IT TO MAKE A BEAUTIFUL GOAL. Iniesta just keeping very calm after the ball was sent to him, brilliant timing and accuracy, brilliant run from Messi. Stunning goal.

16' Mascherano goes down and a free kick is given to Barcelona.
18' Villa coming into the area with Messi and Villa is offside, who kicks the ball out and the referee has a word with him. Ramos pushes him in the chest and asking for the ref to book Villa.
19' Huge mess from Barca, Pique gives the ball away in front of the 18 yard box, Valdes has left his goal area, Pique comes back to clear it.
20' 1 - 1 MADRID! the corner comes in and it LOOKS like ronaldo has scored it , but it might've been Sergio Ramos that pushed it in, the commentator doesn't know either.

21' Pedro through the defense, gets blocked, wins the ball back, goes for goal from afar, Casillas with an impressive save.
21' Coentrao is down. The corner comes in from Xavi for Barcelona and straight into the Madrid defense.
23' Benzema is ahead of Barca defense and Victor Valdes comes out to punt it up the field.
24' Pedro onside and running towards the box, looking for iniesta but intercepted by Coentrao.
25' Alonso looking for Benzema who takes the shot and it goes wide.
25' Powerful shot from Ronaldo and good save from Valdes, Mascherano clearing it out for a Madrid throw in.
27' Khedira booked for a challenge on Messi, which by accident took Busquets down.
28' Pedro running through to take Casillas alone, but Casillas comes out and scopps the ball away from him.
28' Ronaldo diving, play on from the ref, Ozil goes for goal, Valdes gets a touch on the ball, which is just enough to tip it away from the goal.
29' Bezema takes a shot but it goes wide.
30' I know this isn't the Barca way of doing things, but all we need to do is keep Madrid from scoring, with a 2 - 2 away draw and a 1 - 1 home draw, we can still win this.
31' Iniesta takes Di Maria down in a late challenge, no booking though.
32' Coentrao taking Pedro down, referee was about to book him but decided not to.
33' Clean tackle from just outside the box from Alves on Cristiano Ronaldo.
34' Messi putting it through for Xavi but iker gets there before him.
35' Ronaldo throwing a bit of a hissy fit at the ref for giving a rightful throw in to Barca.
36' Messi going for goal, he's got two defenders on hm but he's out running both Ramos and Pepe, but Casillas' foot deflects it out.
37' Barca failing to get a shot in from two corners ina row.
38' Iniesta gets ripped from the ball by Pepe's tackle after being set up by Pique, but as pepe leaves he gets swung in the face by Pepe, the referee is not interested. Good continuous play from before though.
39' Iniesta rugby tackled by Khedira. I think he was trying to shield himself from falling with Iniesta's body.
41' Xavi is booked. for, i guess a late challenge. Coentrao seems to be making quite a big deal out of this though.
42' Playback is revealing that Madrid's goal was offside, but there's still a bit of room for doubt there since the angle doesn't show if Ramos got the touch after Ronaldo went offside.
43' Pedro trying to pull the ball back to Iniesta at the edge of the box, Ramos is there to clear it out.
44' LIONEL FUCKING MESSI. HOLY SHIT. the corner swung in from xavi, Messi recieves, offloads to Pique, back heel flick back to Messi, who just sends it to the back of the net. Brilliant.

46' Barcelona going into half time with a lead of 2 - 1 at half time (so the same as the first leg), and 4 - 3 on aggregate.

Here's something interesting:
Barca have never lost a game in which Iniesta scored.
Madrid have never lost a game in which Ronaldo scored.
So.... that's about to change...

Or maybe they'll go to extra time.... fuck.
68% Posession for Barca, good sign, in the first leg it was less than 50%, the first time ever in this Guardiola era of the team.
Marcelo is on, shit, here comes trouble. I think Khedira came off.

45' Benzema caught by Pique, free kick for Madrid.
46' Corner for Madrid, Ramos gets a head on it but can't control, out for a Barca throw in.
46' Out of control badly aimed tackling from Barca on Di Maria, free kick for Madrid. Alonso kicks it straight out for a goal kick.
47' Guardiola is freaking out on the sidelines as usual.
48' Marcelo going for the ball on the edge of the 18 yard box, but Valdes comes all the way out to clear it.
49' Abidal intercepting and flicking the ball over someone and catching it infront after. impressive.
50' Madrid almost getting in on a shot but Mascherano comes in to intercept and Valdes boots it up for Villa up the field but he's offside.
52' Villa gets the ball from Messi, Pepe gets to it, Villa coming back for the ball, Pepe dives and gets a free kick. Anger!
52' Free kick from Madrid sets Ronaldo up for a run and shot, but it's an easy save for Valdes.
53' Marcelo catches Messi in the stomach, he goes down, a bit of an angry group forms from both teams, Mascherano is booked, Cristiano Ronaldo is booked, Messi is talking to Marcelo. Alves comes to break them away from each other.
55' Mourinho talking to the linesman...
56' Two balls on the pitch, Messi kicks the extra into the field and Ozil angrily kicks out the original.
56' Marcelo gets the ball in through the gap of the defense but it's intercepted by Mascherano and sent off easily to Victor Valdes.
57' Ramos coming into attack Abidal is marking him, ramos takes a shot but it's wide and over the bar.
58' Higuain and Fabregas are both warming up.
58' Bad challenge from Pedro on Ramos.
59' Ramos going down again, this time in front of Messi, but it doesn't seem like a lot of contact, Messi could've been booked for kicking the ball away though.
60' Villa getting the ball up field but Marcelo is there to take the ball off him.
61' Free kick for Barca as Iniesta is caught.
61' Pepe is booked as Messi goes down, it looks like he elbowed or hit him in the face with a forearm. Free kick for Barca of course.
62' Messi takes the free kick, swings it in for Villa who's dashing in beyond the defense, and heading it over the bar, but it was close.
63' Di Maria is off for Higuain. don't know if that's good or not.
65' Benzema trying to get a shot in but in the process whacks Alves onto the ground trying to get him away from marking him, Free kick for Barca.
65' Taken quickly by Pique, Iniesta makes it all the way through the pitch, passes to messi before going down. Messi goes for a shot but it's saved by Casillas.
67' Pique is down as the corner is taken since Pepe has flung his arm into Pique's face, Busquets was alone on the 6 yard box and can't score from Xavi's corner.
68' Pique making a vital interception to prevent a shot from Madrid and it goes out for a corner.
68' Corner taken, it drops to Benzema who takes a wide and high shot.
69' Pedro is now down, he might need come off. he's up on his feet.
70' Ball out for a corner for Madrid, Ramos is unmarked and heads the ball JUST wide. terrible marking from Barcelona.
71' Free kick for Barca as there's an obstruction on Messi, Xavi's taken it before the whistle and the ref is maing him take it again.
72' Abidal is down after tripping over Ronaldo's knee, it wasn't intentional though.
72' Adriano is coming on for David Villa? Lets see.... he might just play up front. He can do so...
73' Messing up a bit with victor Valdes, who took his time with the ball and drew madrid's attack closer, but Madrid drew so close that it was almost a danger to Barca, Mascherano has to run back to clear it.
74' Pedro rolling off Pepe's shoulder, free kick given.
75' alonso down and tumbling, free kick for Madrid.
75' Marcelo swings it in for Ronaldo's header but he's jumped a second early and misses the header.
76' Ramos getting booked for a foul challenge on Adriano, running straight across him with a leg up.
77' Coentrao threading the ball through for Higuain but he's offside.
77' Adriano caught again, but no cards are drawn this time.
77' Ozil is off for Kaka.... i didn't think that was needed... but i've learnt not to doubt managers.
78' Free kick for madrid thumped forward by ramos to get rid of the threat of Messi who was in front of him, Cristiano is running down the flank, cut out by Pedro out for a throw in, Pedro is down holding his crotch.
80' Kaka speeding towards the area, Alves and Mascherano after him, out for a corner.
81' 2 - 2 ! BENZEMA finishes a terrible fumlbing in the area and equalises. WHY is fabregas on NOW?

82' Cavalho seems to have injured himself as Adriano was taking a shot towards the goal. Vital challenge, but he seems to have twisted his ankle in doing so.
83' Iniesta trying to flick it in for Messi but Pique was blocking him.
83' Benzema near the box again, Mascherano heading it out for a throw in.
84' Keita on for Busquets. I can see that Pep is trying to get fresh legs in for the extra time now with 6 minutes to go.
85' Everyone's getting tired and this is getting to be really disjointed and slow.
86' Cavalho takes Alves down, the ball goes out for a corner anyway.
87' MESSI GOAL! WHAT! FABREGAS WITH A PASS TO ADRIANO, TIPPING IT TO MESSI, OH WHAT AN ASSIST FROM ADRIANO AND WHAT A DEBUT FOR FABREGAS! Messi just leaping out to sending the ball flying at top speed into the goal. even iker casillas wasn't quick enough.

88' Pep jumping up and hugging his fellow coaches.
89' Adriano is down, again, fallen on his back leg as Marcelo obstructed his jump.
89' Messi up the field with the ball, Adriano kicks it out for a throw in.
90' Fabregas making an interception winning the ball back from Alonso, sending it through to messi, one on one with casillas now, oh saved by iker casillas!
91' Iniesta putting through to fabregas, but it's beyond him and Casillas catches onto it.
92' Valdes now taking his time with the ball.
92' Coentrao sending a ball across the 18 yard box, Valdes rushing out with an impressive jump and save.
93' Marcelo and Alonso both went for Fabregas with late and strong challenges.

93'Marcelo gets booked, it's a RED! EVERYONE IS SCREAMING AND YELLING AT EACH OTHER. EVEN THE BENCH FROM BOTH SIDES. Mascherano is trying to keep Higuain calm. EVERYONE IS YELLING. OZIL who is off, is FURIOUS, Mesut Ozil, the quiet german one, is yelling, red in the face, held back by technical staff, Xavi and Iker Casillas are yelling at each other. VILLA IS NOW RED CARDED

: it seems Villa has slapped Ozil.

96' Play starts, Madrid are straight into attack, but it's Mascherano coming out witha great challenge and takes the ball from them.
98' Nothing matters anymore, it's over, and Barcelona are THE SUPERCUP CHAMPIONS. 3 - 2 second leg, 5 - 4 on aggregate!

Madrid players are walking straight off the pitch, Barcelona and Madrid not shaking hands, i don't think Pep and Mourinho did either, Florentino Perez is looking really angry, camp nou is packed with happy fans, singing and chanting away. Puyol is probably waiting for Iker in the tunnel to speak to him.
What. a. game.

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Spanish Supercup! EL CLASICO first leg!

Madrid is a pretty standard line-up, but Barca with a few changes to the usual from last year, Valdes - Alves Mascherano Abidal Adriano - Thiago Keita Iniesta - Alexis Messi Villa
I take back what i said about the shirts before, it does look quite nice on them.
Mourinho and Pep both look rather stressed, perhaps pep more so.
Not liking the gold shirts from madrid, with the collar... don't care, not my team.
can't fucking see the time code on my TV screen, wrong resolution.
So lets use bullet points.

  • abidal sprinting up the pitch breaking into the midfield already, but the ball gets passed back from pressure, keeping posession as susual.
  • Benzema taking an early shot from madrid, it's forced out for a corner.
  • Alexis just dodging a foul from marcelo.
  • Dani alves being booed by the bernabau, after clearing a ball from Crisitano Ronaldo.
  • Real Madrid now near the penalty area, looking threatning, there's been a few shots already in the last minute or so, none too dangerous.
  • Iniesta taken down by Khedira and Di Maria, more booes from the madrid fans.
  • A little bit more fluidity form Barca now, perhaps hitting their stride after seeing madrid as the stronger team for the first few minutes or so.
  • Shot on target by karim bezema! Thiago unable to bring a ball under control, xabi alonso with a pass to Cristiano ronaldo, who swung it in for Bezema's header, Valdes makes an excellant save and it's out for a corner.
  • Corner is taken, the ball enters the penalty area again and Ramos fails to bring it under control, out for a goal kick.
  • It's a handball form Alexis Sanchez.
  • Xabi alonso is on the ground, Marcelo asking for a yellow card for Alexis, slow motion reveals nothing worth a booking for.
  • 12' It's a goal for madrid! Ozil breaks through both Abidal and Keita and draws victor valdes to the wrong side of the goal before striking it in. 12 minutes in, 1 - 0 to madrid.
  • Madrid are currently still the stronger side but it's a little bit irratating having the commentator constantly saying that.
  • Marcelo is apparently offside, hard to tell, that one.
  • Pep is looking more stressed now, this is not good, not good at all.
  • What Barcelona needs is to settle down, chill out, and stand straight, we're falling over more than we should, giving away loose passes, leaving gaps in the defense, constantly outnumbered in every given play, and running around like manics. calm. down.
  • the crowd is roaring up at every free kick given to barca. this isn't so fun.
  • apparently its not just my telly that isn't showing the clock, because the channel has actually put another clock on, which means they're not broadcasting it right!
25 min -
25' Abidal caught by khedira, who felt he'd fouled him right after, honorable move to put his hand up and ask for the ref, but doesn't change the fact that he kicked abidal in the head, he's still down.
27' Abidal's wabed the stretchers off and he seems okay, but pique is warming up, he seems to be slightly irratated to be doing so.
28' Benzema striking another one toward the goal, can't really tell if it was on target, either way valdes made the save.
29' Finally gaining some ground from alexis, but it's pushed back almost right after.
30' Frustrating first 30 minutes of the game.
31' fans flipping out, can't tell if there was a handball or not, waiting for the slow motion camera, Khedira was booked, for intentionally pushing thiago down on the shoulders.
32' fuck... Messi found villa beyong madrid's defense, the flag comes up for offside a bit late, but casillas has blocked it anyway.
33' I've forgotten how uncomfortable i get when i watch football. it's actually almost sickening.
34' Iniesta's face gets kneed by Cristiano ronaldo.
35' HOLY SHIT! GOAL FROM DAVID VILLA, OH WHAT A GOAL! i just saw the pass from messi, looked at where Villa was, and just though, jesus there is no fucking chance he's getting that one in! beautiful! just bending over casillas into the top corner of the net. best goal i've seen from villa in the Barca shirt! (and i think i've seen almost all of them)

36' Barca seems to have woken up from that goal! everything's moving a bit faster, good, lets keep this up.
39' Ball goes out of play and Mourinho catches and kicks it back. Applause from the audience.
41' a tiny bit of bitching going on, players trying to get more bookings out, oh Alexis, i wonder if he knows how much shit el clasicos are.
42' Benzema had a massive chance there, the barca defense were completely out of place, Mascherano just making a vital challenge to clear it out. Don't want to see any more of this crap defending.
43' Cristiano taking a shot that goes over the bar. For fuck's sake we need to buy a centre back, but NOOOO we bought fabregas. someone let Fontas on the pitch. we need him.
44' Marcelo doing a bit of "psh, omg!" after he fouls Alexis..
45' WHAT THE FUCK! LIONEL MESSI SCORES! I CAN"T EVEN FUCKING BREATHE! Khedira and pepe mess up their passing, Messi was right behind them, next thing messi was just sprinting towards the goal, Casillas coming out to block, Messi shoots beyond him and we're in the lead! 2 - 1! WHAT A FUCKING GOAL!

This is so weird. i've never seen Barcelona so crap in defense but what brilliant half! i can't complain, two shots on goal, two goals in!
The camera is zoomed into random people's faces now. What have they done to deserve to go on tv!?
Alright they're coming on the pitch now, Dani and Messi are huddling together discussing something. XAVI IS WARMING UP.
Here we go!

2nd Half
45' Madrid's pushing up the field again, breaking through our defense, but we're not all over the place this time. good.
46' Lionel Messi is on the ground now. After the slow motion i still can't tell what happend, he was holding his knee though, but he's okay now.
47' Messi gives the ball to alexis who runs up front but ultimately out of space, ah, should've taken the shot anyway, out for a corner.
47' Ball goes all the way back to Valdes, and now we've lost posession again.
48' Oh dear, Alexis recieves the ball from Messi again, this time outrun and pushed by Pepe, Alexis gets back up and goes for the ball but doesn't get it in the end. Good effort though.
49' Thiago making an excellant excape from the Madrid defense, out running 3 defenders at a time. It looks oddly familiar, Iniesta does that move sometimes.
51' Bit of a weirdly skillful interception by Messi there. Sometimes he has these crazy moments in defense.
51' Dani Alves commits a foul on Crisitano Ronaldo.
51' Thiago taken down as Marcelo gets a foot inbetween his legs.
52' Alexis alone up front, the ball gets taken from him by the time Thiago gets there.
53' Di Maria is off for Coentrao. XABI ALONSO SCORES THE GOAL FOR MADRID. why mourinho looks so angry i do not know. 2 - 2. it was struck with such confidence it almost looks like a penalty from the side.

54' Alexis booked, i'm not really sure why.
55' Almost another goal from madrid! a block JUSt in time from Keita i believe. Massively late challenge from Pepe on Dani who clears the ball away.
56' A bit of a row is breaking out as you would expect from these two teams. Alonso and Alves are both talking to the ref, Alonso looking rather defensive. Pep is taking this oppertunity to talk to Xavi about what to do.
57' Thiago coming off for Xavi. Callejon is on for Khedira.
59' Weird-ass moment from the Barca defense and Madrid forwards, ball bounces from Barca defense to Madrid forward to Barca again, back and forth between the teams until Valdes comes out and scoops it up.
60' a little odd how the moment Pique comes out the ref was holding a yellow card... he's on for Adriano anyway, good move i reckon, if he's feeling fit for it.
62' Oh jeez, the minute he's on pitch the balls are flying across the pitch like we're used to seeing.
63' Mascherano commits a foul right in front of the box, Crisitano now taking a free kick, just wide.
64' What a mess, 2 attemps in front of goal in uner 20 seconds, first from Ronaldo's strike, great save from Valdes, then swinging it in for Ramos who misses it.
65' Alonso takes a free kick after a foul from Alexis, straight to goal and Valdes makes a save.
66' Ozil to Benzema who is right in front of goal, but his header goes straight to Valdes.
66' Messi is down and having a word with mourinho, oddly enough.

67' Ronaldo with another shot at goal, another save form Valdes out for a corner.
67' Ozil swings it in but striaght to Barca.
68' Ronaldo with yet another shot, straight to Valdes again.
69' Barca finally get in a good position for some shots underway but Alexis is caught offside.
70' Alves playing it forward for Alexis but it goes beyond his reach and straight to Casillas.
72' Villa is off for Pedro, oddly enough the Madrid fans are shouting "Raul! Raul!" for their preferred Spain no.7 striker.
73' Pedro just running forward and Pepe flying in to smack the ball out and also kicking him a bit. weird. free kick for barca.
74' Pique coming across at just the right time to clear the ball from ronaldo. How weird is it that they used to be teammates....
76' There's nothing i hate more than Callejon's hair.
77' Messi held back by the shirt by Cavalho, then strong challenge by Xabi alonso, who picks up a booking from that foul.
78' Messi taking the free kick, but it's straight above the bar.
80' Alexis taken down in the area but no foul is given. Alexis is actually kicked in the face while trying to get up.
80' Higuain is on. for benzema.
82' Ozil lauches the ball into the box but only finds Dani Alves.
82' Cristiano Ronaldo flipped over Valdes... asking for a penalty but the ref says no. the fans are going MAD. here's another "controversy" It looks kinda like Valdes sticks his arm up at ronaldo but it could just his attempt of reaching for the ball.
85' Pedro being tripped by 3 people... how madrid is still angry about Barca getting free kick i don't know.
86' PEDRO DOWN IN THE AREA. no foul. no one is bitching.
88' Pepe and Keita yelling at each other while the ball moves forward... Pepe has to sprint back into position. how stupid is that, never abandon your job on pitch to bitch against the opponant.
89' Callejon just smacking Xavi in the back... it's one minute left and 2 - 2, still the second leg to go after the 3 added minutes of stoppage time!
90' Linesman says no foul on Pedro, Marcelo had stepped on him, but Ref books Callejon, oddly enough, he probably said something rude.
91' alexis gets the ball on the right wing, but can't get it to messi before it's cleared out.
92' Alves being booked... Pep is furious, Dani was trying to get away but had a push in right before.
92' Some asshole is whistling in the audience. so misleading
93' and there goes the REAL whistle. it's a tie, but Barca are on the advantage for away goals. We've got the second leg on Wednesday night!

Saturday, May 21, 2011

last game! malaga vs barcelona

last game of la liga this season!
barca using this oppertunity to train some of the young talent from b team.
bojan is captain! it would be funny if we won this, considering we barely have any regular starters to this. i wonder if bojan is going to still be here. i wonder if this is his last la liga game ever...
0' the first play of the game begins with a shot from malaga. well this is going to be a dull game.
1' when you're watching these players trying to get in the grove of la liga you realise how difficult it is to play at the level barca normally does on a weekly basis.
2' another shot coming in from malaga.... pinto saves followed by a shot off the deflection fontas clearing...
6' ah! finally a shot for barca! Thiago taking a pass from fontas who moved from central defense to a play-maker role
7' pinto having to make yet another save...
8' Abidal not managing to find afellay... i just realised that everyone but Bojan has a two number digit squad number on pitch right now.
9' bojan waiting a second to collect himself before a shot, it's a good effort but takes a deflection out for a corner.
10' ohhh so frustating! barca doing well up front, great passing under pressure but the marking is very thorough from malaga and the shot it weak.
12' bartra missing a clearence and adriano having to clear his poor effort up.
13' shot from malaga, not far wide at all! we have to be more careful than that...
15' jeffern finally showing some pace.... but goes down... wins a corner though.
16' corner goes out for a goal kick...
17' afellay with a shot over the bar.... pep...stroking his...... tie.
18' Fontas going down...
19' ah, the ball was travelling well with barca until bojan loses it to jesus gamez. in his defense gamez is really good.
21' jeffern going down yet again. thiago to take the free kick. or not... wow! jeffern fires it on target from distance and the keeper makes a good save.
22' thiago being tripped up and lying on the ground. he gets up when the whitle is blown for a free kick.
24' fontas manages to shake of juanmi who was aaaaalll over him at the corner flag and make a good pass back out.
25' ah, bojan going down outside the box... just being tripped up there. thiago to take the free kick... it goes straight to the wall, and out for a barca corner.
28' sergi roberto goes down after being pulled back from the shoulders... not going for the ball at all. Apono is booked for it. jeffern takes it and it goes wide.
30' goal to malaga! Seba fernandas! oh what a goal! smacked striaght into the top corner. pinto had no chance. but the leaky defense had a lot to do with it. a lot.
32' bartra missing yet another clearence. pinto having to roll over to get the ball, lucky it's just wide.
34' Jeffern's hand ends up somewhere near wellington's face.... but there was a bit of play acting there too.
34' maxwell triped over in the box. it's a very late tackle but it isnt worth a penalty.
35' ahhahahahahahhaa there are two balls on the pitch. right. ref blows it up to stop play and get rid of the spare.
36' adriano looking for thiago but there's too much on it and rolls out for a goal kick.
38' grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr. thiago being blocked off in the last second, so sends it to sergi roberto, who puts it over the bar. close though.
39' Maresca goes down from thiago's challenge, no free kick, but jeffern kicks it out to stop play. sportsmanship from barca.
41' bartra losing out to malaga very near to the goal, sending pinto running to make a save.
42' Bojan taken down twice in the area, but there's a penalty! what! there's a bit of a fight. ooooh they're saying things to each other... bojan chasing after Duda, who doesn't turn around until bojan says something... i wonder what he said...
43' Bojan takes it! GOAL! GOALLLLL!!! oh malaga is going to HAAAATE him for this! why there is no replay for the foul i don't know.
44' Gamez being booked. lots of bookings for Malaga today..
45' oh here we go! there's the replay, okay, so there an obstruction, then he gets tripped over. i think it's enough for a foul. hahahah the commentator just said that he was "following the real madrid method, commit the foul, pretend not to have, shout at the player, then go intimidate the players and the referee"

i would say after a dreadful start barca have picked up the game in terms of attack in the last half hour or so, but the defense is still shite and still has lots of holes in it.
why the stadium is playing keisha i will never know.
Francesc Arnau just coming out to salute the fans as it is his last game with malaga even though he's on the bench right now. he's probably going to retire too.

45' Jeffern into the side netting, Welington going for a challenge, ends up on the floor, and jeffern just jumps over him and continues to run.
47' mascherano warming up, as is dos santos...
50' Malaga singing for Arnau to come on...
51' Abidal speeding back into defense to make a good clearence back to Pinto.
52' Bojan choosing to take the sot but puts it wide, instead of passing it out.
54' Duda clipped on the ankle by bartra... he's pratically crying. it was just a knock... i don't understadn what's going on. apparently it was abidal who actually caught him even though it looked liek it was bartra. what?
56' Bojan wriggling away quite well with the malaga defense but his pass doesn't get anywhere.
58' Marseca heads it following a pass from Apono, into the side netting!
59' Dani Alves coming on for Adriano. er. why? why are we risking him?
60' tons of people just went down completely with the ref completely oblivious.
61' Malaga for another shot! Apono's shot deflected off and out for a corner...
61' Pinto out to punch it out but it gets back to Duda, Alves clears and it's antoher corner. taken again, and another coner. this time taken short.
64' Jeffern looking like a muscle injury after a back heel flick for a shot just going wide.
66' Mascherano looking like he's coming on as duda takes a corner.
66' AAAAAAH SHITTTTT damn, so close for afalley for his first la liga goal. grrr, he was one on one with the keeper after breaking through the defense, and by the time it came off Willy's save Welington was already back to take the ball off him.
68' Apono and Duda coming off. Duda looks bitter.
69' the crowd is singing so loud for arnau that i now want to see him on the pitch.
71' WHHHHYYYY WHY IS ABIDAL COMING OFF! i'm so annoyed because i so wanted Bartra gone. whatever, Pedro is on now.
73' Offside against Dani Alves. there hasn't been a lot of offsides today. but then David Villa isn't playing. so no surpise in the decline of the number of those.
73' Alves gets booked for obstruction on Eliseu. just caught him in the face a bit..
75' ohhhhh i just missed it. dammit. okayyyyyyy Afellay! oh! the replay! what a goal! it is absolutely beautiful! he cuts inside the defence and goes for a shot from range, it's high and Willy can't do anything to block it out. the first person he runs to hug is abidal. sweet. 2 - 1.
78' Mascherano with a signature violent challenge but gets away with it.
79' Thiago with an almost goal. in the right place at the right time but not the right finish.
80' Welington goes down taking Bojan with him. they're both okay though.
81' Arnau is warming up! i'm actually getting happy about this. come on!
82' Shot from malaga wide sending pinto rolling outside his goal.
83' what a shot from krkic! willing jumping to make a save. corner.
84' Bartra makes it 3 - 1! oh what a header! Bartra please consider other positions to suit your strengths and weaknesses.
85' YESSS ARNAU IS COMING ONNN!!!!! woo! Willy coming off for him.
87' Camacio getting knocked down in the head... he's up and running now.
88' Bojan leaving the ball which means arnau is there to pick it up and rolling it back out to his defense. the crowd screaming as he does that.
89' Dani Alves having the ball taken off him and getting annoyed.
89' Corner taken by Alves, Roberto taking a shot, Arnau making a save, and another corner. Corner taken again by Alves, goes nowhere, and the final whistle is blown - no injury time at all.

that was a nice game. final game of the season. nice to finish on a win. Afellay finally scoring his first La Liga goal. don't know if it's bojan's last game. youngest captain in la liga this season though. I wonder so many things in the future of barca. just btw i do know i'm behind on games. maybe i'll watch them when i miss football over the summer.

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Derby - Espanyol Barcelona

We're playing pretty normally today, in terms of line-ups. Just with Fontas on the left back replacing our many injured normal left backs.
moment of silence for seve ballesteros, we all know he was a great barca fan.

0' Kick off!
0' Jesus, there goes a free kick for Espanyol already. I don't think... there was any contact. There was a delay for the whistle too. Callejon is taking it. it's like 20 yards out. It's over the bar.
2' Callejon pushes Dani Alves and he's down clutching his throat. Whiplash hand from Callejon
3' Iniesta knocked off the ball and his feet. Free kick given to Barca.
4' Ball goes forward to Pedro, it's onside but there's too much on it and it's out for a goal kick.
5' Busquets is down. just a push. Free kick again.
5' Messi's first touch on the ball, he runs through 3 defenders, being tripped over by one, stays on his feet, but his pass is weak and he gives it away.
7' Messi nearing the area, to iniesta, to pedro, to alves, cross back in, villa heads it, then it's cleared by the defence.
10' Having posession for about a minute until inesta gives it away. doesn't happen very often.
11' Again, typical with the barca style, tons of posession so far but defense keeps suffocating chances.
11' Messi recieves the pass from pique, he makes the run but it's cleared out for a corner.
11' Xavi taking the corner, Pique almost gets the touch but he's offside.
12' Alves making a run some 50 yards but he's slipped and given it away.
12' Ball comes back to Alves, through to Messi but he can't get the ball to Pedro through the defense.
13' Pique trying to put the ball to Pedro but it's too long.
14' Oh god what a mess. Mascherano taken down by Callejon but Mascherano trips him up from the ground.
15' Messi taken down by Javi Marquez.
17' Espanyol trying to trip Messi up but failing.
17' Villa takes a shot just outside the area but it's weak and a easy save for the keeper.
18' Osvaldo making a run but cut out by Dani Alves
18' Alves taking a shot but it's another easy save for Kameni
19' Pedro cutting through the defense and takes a shot at the goal. It's saved but it wasn't a bad attempt.
20' Villa passing into the area, he can only pass to Pedro because Messi is offside. Pedro's shot is saved again.
20' Iniesta comes into the area, takes a shot and it's yet another save.
21' One Two between Messi and Alves but Amat steals the ball off them.
22' Osvaldo with the ball but stopped by Mascherano.
23' Alves catching a volley to and puts it through for Pedro but it's out for a goalkick.
23' Passes between Callejon and Osvaldo take it through the most of Barca defense, but it's cleared out by Dani Alves.
24' Busquets tripped up and goes down. not sure if it was nessicery.
25' Messi lurking around the area but the ball doesn't get to him through sturdy defense.
26' Pique drilling from goal to half way line. puts through the midfield. Iniesta now with the ball, he's taken down though.
27' Messi takes it all the way through defense but it's put wide... somewhere between a shot and a cross. but no one is there for the tap in.
28' INESTA! GOAL! He takes it into the defense, controls it well, takes the shot to the far corner and it's in the net. Iniesta with his thumb sucking celebration for his daughter. That's... 5 defenders he went through, think it deflected off Amat as well. second goal for Iniesta since his daughter was born.
30' Callejon marked by Fontas tries to make a cross but Pique clears for a corner.
31' Corner taken by Callejon, but Xavi is there to clear it.
31' Espanyol near the area again, cleared by Mascherano for another corner.
32' Callejon and Osvaldo have swapped sides. i do not know why.
33' Oh god i can hear Guardiola shouting. 66% posession for Barca so far.
34' Too much pressure near the goal so Mascherano clears it for a throw in.
35' Camera zooming in as Mascherano passes and trips. awesome timing there...
36' Into the area for Messi, pass to Villa and his shot deflected off the knees of a defender.
36' Iniesta catches the rebound and gets it to Xavi, who pushes it to messi, to Villa again, he's unmarked and he misses. are you serious. he was literally like 2 metres from it.
38' Messi loses control of the ball, chases back after it, gets it back, and gets tripped up by Ivan De Pena.
39' Xavi taking a corner, looking for Pique, but Espanyol take posession, going for a counter attack, Mascherano easily steals the ball off.
40' Xavi with the ball, tripped up by Javi Marquez.
40' Verdu trying to get away with the ball going out of play but it's right under the lineman's nose.
41' Messi down, he's back up again. nothing was given.
42' Messi through the defense, he puts it through in the area for Villa, who dashes out as Kameni makes the save, a fraction quicker and it would've been a goal. Kameni caught Villa's boot in his face. He's down but he's alright.
43' Iniesta fouling, think it was an obstrution.
43' Chica takes a shot but he's offside.
45' Busquets puts it through for Villa, who waits for Messi but it's a fraction too late.
45' Corner for Barca. Taken quickly, Kameni out for a save.
46' Foul given to Espanyol but the ref has blown for half time.
Interesting half. Missed a shitload of chances. 1 - 0 up, means nothing though, look at last week's game...
lol David Villa running out of the tunnel and accidently hitting the ref .
45' Osvaldo taking Pique on and Pique manages to block his shot by sticking his foot out.
46' Iniesta looking for Messi, gets to Pedro and comes off the keeper for a corner.
47' Corner taken by Xavi, Pique heads it in, and it's a GOAL! Puyol standing up in the stands. He's doing that 22 thing, it better not be Shakira.
49' Busquets commiting a foul and giving a free kick away.
50' Chica's gone down from a challenge off Messi.
51' Osvaldo looking for Luis Garcia, he puts it long and Garcia has to double back. Valdes gets hold of the ball.
52' Iniesta into the area, wanting to take it alone, reluctant to use Villa who's by his side.
52' Iniesta down from Amat's elbow in his face.
53' Osvaldo with a great strike, rotating around to take the shot. Valdes has to stretch to save it.
53' Villa on the counter attack but it's cleared out by the defence for a corner.
54' Corner taken short, Xavi and Messi putting it through to the midfield.
55' Ref blowing up for a handball from Busquets but the replay shows it only touched his chest.
Ref being influenced by Espanyol players.
56' Osvaldo dribbling in to the area, takes another shot at Valdes as Pique slips up. Good save.
58' Alves doing a One two with Pedro, but it's cut off.
58' Callejon is off for A Vasquez.
59' Espanyol trying to push the game up with pressure but Barca are quick to clear it in defense.
59' Giovanni Van Bronkhurst sitting above Puyol in the stands tonight. Giovanni having played for Barca
60' Messi taken down just outside the area by Javi Lopez. Free kick. What is it with this ref and making slow dicisions!
61' Pedro booked for shoving and elbowing. in the wall.
62' Kameni booked for disturbing the Ref.
62' Messi looking nonchalantly at the ball as he waits for the people to stop making a fuss in the wall.
62' He takes the shot and it goes into the wall, coming out for a corner.
63' Corner taken and Pique almost makes another header into the goal but Kameni prevents it from happening again.
65' Xavi trying to get it through to Alves but he's blocked by Luis Garcia.
66' Espanyol on the counter attack and Pedro comes to clear it.
66' Villa on the counter attack and goes for a shot but hits the side netting.
67' Maxwell and Adriano seen in the stands.
68' Luis Garcia on the attack, it's cleared for an Espanyol corner. They don't make much of it.
70' Pique dribbling into the Espanyol half and takes on a few defenders on his own.
70' Abidal is coming on for Fontas! YES! 20 minutes for Abidal's comeback. He and Fontas both given a standing ovation.
72' Pique flipping out because his defence isn't with him.
72' Iniesta with a run to put it to Messi and then to Villa but Villa's pass back is intercepted.
73' Messi puts it through to iniesta, who crosses it across the face of goal to Villa. why! Why! intercepted again! he could've just gone for another goal. sigh.
75' Villa flicks it to Abidal who tries to flick it back but loses control of it.
75' Isais is on for Javi Lopez.
77' We can't see anything but Osvaldo is covering his face after a collison with pique. I think he just accidently whacked him in the nose or something. There was no contact, tackle wise. They're both laughing about it.
78' Pedro running all the way down the pitch but it's out for a goal kick when the clearnece comes off him.
78' what the fuck!? no 7 Christiano Ronaldo has popped up onto the screen. NO reason.
79' messi taken down near the box, nothing given. Afellay seen warming up.
79' Osvaldo trying to chup it in to goal, but it goes wide.
80' Vasquez taking a shot from afar but it's easy for Valdes to get hold of it.
80' Xavi is caught but nothing given.
82' Villa keeps getting denied of his goals. Intercepted after iniesta puts the ball through to him.
82' Afellay is on for Pedro. it looked like Iniesta was out but he's just out for a drink. 7 minutes to go.
84' Villa getting intercepted by Isais but it's a handball and Isais is booked for it. Free kick is taken and Barcelona is forced back to the midfield and eventually defense.
85' Luis Garcia offside... very close call. Actually Osvaldo was.
86' Abidal trying to put it through to Villa or Messi but loses posession.
86' Valdes comes rushing out some 20 yards from goal to boot the ball back up the field.
87' Afellay! running down the wing with crazy pace but he's been run out of space and it's out for a goal kick.
88' Messi puts it through for Afellay who pulls it in for a cross and it's almost an own goal as it's intercepted.
89' Xavi with a standing ovation as Keita comes on for him.
89' High foot from Keita hitting a shoulder while the corner is taken.
90' Pique has the captain's armband..... around the waistband of his shorts?
91' Vasuquez pretty much sits on Busquets in his fall from going for a header.
92' Abidal with the ball through to Messi and the ref blows for full time!

we need one point to win the league.
okay. midweek.
i now need to watch this despite having a presentation the next day.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011


awesome. eric abidal is in the squad.
but good thing pep is not pushing him. mascherano at centreback with puyol on the left.
mourinho is off the bench on match ban.... interesting.
0' kick off.
0'marcelo flying over pedro trying to get the header in.
1' marcelo gets it all the way into the area when it isn't cleared properly but busquets has got back in time to do so after a bit of mucking about
2' Busquets is down. cristiano has gone to get the ball after mascherano takes it off madrid and accidently takes a bit of busquet's leg as well. but he's fine.
4' Cristiano puts it through to Higuain but Pique gets there fist.
5' ball comes near the area again but puyol is there to clear it.
5' messi after the ball up front and he can't control it, but runs after to put pressure on casillas.
6' Iniesta down. Lass has put a leg between his legs. he's fine though
6' barca finally making a chance and iniesta goes for a shot but it's really weak
7' Madrid with a shot, cleared again.
8' if you look at xavi with the ball, most of the time he's not particularly fast or defensive, but people seem not to really come in with challenges for him.
9' Pedro goes down with a late challenge from kaka. it's barely a challenge. whatever, he's back up anyway.
10' Pedro putting the ball forwards for a cross but no one is there to take it.
12'ooooh jeez. messi making a run, oh god, taken down but carvalho, he doesn't go for the ball at all, he's booked.
13' Puyol going forward on the wing but taken down. nothing given but the ball goes out of play for a madrid throw in.
14' Xavi taken down. not much of a challenge, just kind of lost his balence under the force.
16' free kick for madrid, 22 yards out. Xabi alonso takes it, straight into the wall. Messi on the counter attack. Taken down by Lass, play on, waves the referee. Di Maria with a ball near the area, cleared by Pique.
17' Xavi Iniesta and Villa take it forward but Iniesta's pass to Villa is long and it gets a bit out of control. Still in posession though.
19' Real Madrid finally stringing a few passes together. Until Higuain is offside.
19' Messi makes a run, tries to cross it back in but there's like 5 people in the area and Carvalho blocks it off.
20' Messi and Pedro trying to get through the defense in the area. The two of them and Dani alves run into each other. Marcelo clears for a corner for Barca.
21' Corner comes in from Xavi and Busquets heads it! Good header, but Casillas is well prepared.
23' Ronaldo making a run, Mascherano and Dani Alves trying to run him down but neither of them can get him. He does run it out of play though, goal kick for Victor Valdes.
24' Messi making yet another break, Lass Calvaho and Kaka all crashing into him and brought him down. Free kick, taken short by Xavi.
27' Messi Taken down again. Carvalho trying to drag him up by the arm. he's looks like he took a knock.
28' Alonso shouting for Mascherano for going down under just a tap on the arm. former reds :)
29' My tv signal is dying.
30' Ronaldo and Kaka into the area. I can't see what's going on. the signal won't stop flashing. this is. fucking. annoying. why is it happening NOW.
31' Messi, Xavi, Villa, Pedro come up front, Messi goes for a shot, Casillas has to lunge to make a save.
32' Pedro putting the cross in for Messi. Alonso comes flying across to make the challenge, Messi avoids him, takes the shot, and it's wide.
33' Messi and Villa at it again! Messi puts it forward for Villa, it's a great strike for Villa but Casillas makes another great save.
34' Messi running up front again! dodging another few defenders through the middle, gives it over to Pedro, who saw his clear way some 25 yards out. He goes for a shot, it goes wide.
36' Shot after shot, it's coming in every minute, but Barca are either putting it wide or Casillas making amazing saves.
38' Alves going down the wing and mmaking a shot that goes wide. Cleared by Madrid for a corner.
38' Madrid on the counter attack but loses out on speed to Barca.
39' Madrid on the break! Cristiano on the counter attack, he's alone, he's unmarked, Di Maria coming up front to him, and Valdes is out to make a save before it gets to him.
40' Messi taken down by Lass kicked between the legs, then caught by Arbeloa's foot on the head.
42' Messi putting it forward to Pedro but it's offside.
42' Whistle blown up for offside agianst Villa with a pass from Messi.
43' Rain starting to come in at the Camp Nou.
43' Carvalho with another challenge on Messi. the ref refrains from another booking to a red. good decision i think.
45' Xabi to Arbeloa, Puyol clears for a Madrid corner. it goes straight to victor valdes.
45' HALF TIME. 0 - 0
desipte not being able to break the deadlock, it's actually been pretty interesting. much better than the first half of the last game.

back in the camp nou it is pissing down with rain. xabi alonso is stretching on the ground. everyone is drenched.
HAHAHHAHAHA PITCH RUNNER! INTRUDER RIGHT BEFORE THE KICK OFF! oooh he's chased down by the guards. ronaldo is not impressed by that delay.
45' Oh dear, Iniesta is down. Lass has just picked at his ankle...
46' Oh god. Higuain puts the ball into the back of the net! er... its not given. crisitiano tumbled/dived over and Mascherano was caught too. The whistle was blown before it.
48' Ball cleared out for a Barca corner, taken by xavi, cleared by madrid.
50' Ronaldo putting it forward for Higuain, but Puyol out runs him for a clearence.
50' Pique makes an important clearence.
52' Higuain with antoerh shot, blocked by Pique, out for a madrid corner.
53' what is this? iniesta slips it beautifully to messi, who leaves it for pedro, and it is a goal.
54' Adebayor comes on for higuain. why? i thought higuain was doing good.
56' Busquets is down. Adebayor just went in with a leg out at the back of Busquet's legs. not booked, Alonso is annoyed that he went down, he's shouting at iniesta.
57' Busquets down again. Lass is booked. a bit high, but he got the ball. not sure if it was worth a card.
59' Mascherano down. nothing given. good.
59' hahahaa iniesta's shot just went straight into carvalho, who goes down.
60' Ozil is on for Kaka.
60' Ronaldo tripping messi. really? wasn't there a huge debate about how this wasn't ronaldo vs messi?
61' Alonso falling under Messi. Foul given to Madrid.
62' David Villa is down. clutching his leg. caught by Arbeloa. god. this is deja vu. he's shouting at villa again.
63' Goal! Di Maria hits the post! it comes back to him, he makes the pass to Marcelo, and it's a goal! 1 - 1
65' Messi scrambling to a run but can't quite make it... i think he was held back. nothing given though.

66' a bit of franticness now. barca trying to get bakc forward, but madrid are pushing back and coming in with crosses forward.
67' Xavi going down. it's Lass again.
68' Alonso sticks his foot out at Messi, he doesn't go down but ref was right next to him. Alonso is booked.
69' Couple of passes into the area from Madrid, cleared by Mascherano, Arbeloa trying to get off with a foul but the ref knows he's diving.
71' Messi making yet another run but Adebayor comes in with a high kick to clear. Puyol throwing in for Villa, running up but can't get the cross in.
72' Messi trying to head the ball into the goal, twisting his body around to divert it in, but it goes over the bar.
73' Ronaldo gone down without contact off a header... Ref has given nothing. he is angry.
73' David Villa up for Keita.
74' Iniesta brought down by two but nothing is given.
74' Messi taken down at the corner, Marcelo goes for the ball but ends up just taking Messi's legs.
76' Alonso fouling Messi this time. His legs hook into Messi's. he better be careful though, he's already been booked.
77' Messi coming in with a run, can't bring the ball under control, slips and can't get back up. the pitch is absolutely soaking.
78' Messi still dashing after every ball every 30 seconds. the man has too much energy.
79' Ronaldo going down again... can't tell if there is contact. looks like there isn't.
79' Pique's hand/arm is injured. broken arm? no wait, he's back on.
81' Pedro is booked for lunging at Cristiano. Well done Pedro. That or at Lass, and then Cristiano dived.
82' Iniesta making a run but slips and loses the ball.
83' Mascherano caught by Lass. he's making a huge deal out of it but it wasn't really that much.
84' Carvalho fouls Messi with a push on the head in an arial challenge.
84' Adebayor is booked for pushing Messi, who lost his balence on the ball.
86' Lots of passes, then Xavi taken down by Alonso, late challenge with the back heel.
87' Carvalho on the ground with a push on the back for Dani Alves.
88' Messi takes the shot from about 28 yards out from a free kick. On target but Casillas is there again for yet another save.
89' Puyol comes off! standing ovation, our capatin walking off the pitch, and the same amount of respect for the man coming on for him. it's eric abidal. abosolutely pure respect for those two.
91' bit of a mess at the back. Pedro is down, having had Marcelo fall on him. the ball's been left for a bit and valdes has to come rushing out for it.
92' Pedro has had to come off for Afellay, who is literally on for 10 seconds.
because it is full time. WEMBLEY.
the team hoists abidal up! okay. this is amazing.

Saturday, April 30, 2011

Real Sociedad Barca

Pinto, Montoya, Piqué, Milito, Fontàs, Keita, Xavi, Thiago, Jeffren, Afellay and Messi
That is our lineup for tonight. interesting.
so we've rested valdes because pinto is on match ban for champions following the red card. and it would be risky if valdes got injured, because we er, only have two keepers in our first team. which is fine unless your second keeper gets booked when he isn't even on the pitch.

o' kick off! tons of youth team/ b team players on tonight. it would be nice if we have a win here, considering that madrid lost earlier. not sure why xavi isn't being rested.
1' Montoya and Fontas on full back tonight. Fontas is normally a centre back. but we're running out of fit full backs so... yeah. that's what we've had to do.
3' break from jeffern who continues the run but his pass to messi is a fraction wide and gets to the defender infront of him.
3' Pique dropping the ball fowards for messi, it gets intercepted but Messi gets back on the end of it but it's over the bar. close though!
4' Messi gets the ball into space for Afellay but it's a good save from Bravo.
5' Fontas with a run but the play in front of him goes down with contact, foul given.
6' Corner for Sociedad and Pinto is fouled and
7' Ball goes out when Afellay runs out of space and it's a goal kick for Sociedad.
8' there's a weak tv signal this is bad news.
9' Free kick as Thiago is pulled back. the sound has gone off my signal. grrrr.
9' Pique getting himself in trouble... He fouls with an arm on the shoulder but he doesn't get booked.
10' Montoya gets caught with a late chellange off Tamudo. Montoya with a swollen collar bone, might be dislocated or something... he's off to the sidelines for treatment, Dani Alves is warming up. shit.
12' Real Sociedad on a break, Tamudo gets caught by Pique who comes back for the clearence. It's a free kick for Sociedad.
13' Montoya is off. The commentator calling it his debut for the first team. ACTUALLY he did play for the cup. so he can shut up.
14' Free kick comes it, Pique heads it out, it comes back to Sociedad, they get a shot! oooh it's so close.... but wide. from the angle for the camera it looked like it went in....
15' Dani Alves goes down and gets striaght back up. Not stirring shit up again. Thank you.
16' Messi gets obstructed and a free kick given to Barca.
18' Afellay puts the ball in for Keita but it doesn't get there and striaght to the keeper.
19' grrrr.... Messi to Afellay and the linesman calls offside but replay shows it isn't. AND was caught by the keeper. anger.
21' Pique goes down... after being caught by Tamudo... he looks like he's taken a while to fall too... maybe he's too tall.
23' Frozen TV.... getting fucking annoying now. Alves makes a run but can't get it there.
23' emudo goes down, and a foul is given... getting booked? no...
26' oh god..... nothing is happening.... it goes all the way down both sides and then gets blocked. this is duuulllllll.
27' shit pulling on messi for a good 10 seconds and nothign given. Thiago goes down and it's a free kick.
28' THIAGOOOOOO!!! OH WHAT A GOAL!!! hahahha milito is holding Afellay's face in a group hug. Ball goes from Xavi to Messi who MISSES it and it goes ti Thiago, shoots it in, and onto the crossbar into the net.

29' Sociedad on the counter attack but Pinto catches it. god he cannot kick. it goes like 10 metres and Fontas has to double back.. lol people trying to appeal that it was over the goal line. replay shows not even close. Pinto laughing about it.
11' Jeffern trying to get the pass into the area but gets cut out...
34' Sociedad corner. headed out by Milito, comes back to Sociedad, Pinto forced to make a save.
36' Jeffern makes a run and goes with a pass but falls over as he is obstructed. Free kick for Barca.
37' Ball falls onto the feet of Messi but he can't strike it on time.
38' Pinto gets the ball from Milito and hovers over it as if he cannot really decide which direction to kick it.
38' Messi penalised for handball. He's a card away from suspension.
39' Afellay goes for the ball but he's also caught a leg with it, and it's a foul. He's motioning the shape of a ball saying it wasn't a foul. whatever. it's a free kick.
40' Corner for Sociedad when the ball is caught by pinto out of play. it's swung into the area and pique takes his time in clearing it out. boucing it several times his head first before deciding to kick it out.
42' Tamudo going for the shot but he's forced really far back by Pique and his shot can't get anywhere.
44' Dani Alves miles ahead of the defense off Real Socidad by the time it gets to him. He's actually offside anyway.
45' Milito with a strong challenge on Tamudo but it's not a foul and he goes down anyway. Referee waves play on.
46' end of first half. 1 - 0 to barca... would be nice to get another.
half time.... time to get some food. not so intersting first half.
oh god. montoya's shoulder was dislocated.
45' coutner attack by sociedad. Milito caught in the face in the clearence but there was a handball. so Sociedad free kick in. sholving in the 6 yard box.
46' Pinto punches it out. comes back to Sociedad and it's shot and it's wide. looks like Pinto might've screwed up his shoulder there.
47' went to fetch my pastery which was in the toaster... didn't miss much though heard more barca posession from the commentator.
48' Jeffern goes for goal for a long shot and the keeper spills to afellay who is taken down but nothing given.
50' Jeffern is taken down and there's a booking and Messi takes the free kick but it goes straight to the keeper.
51' Xavi getting away from trouble....
53' Milito and fontas working to pressure in defense. Squeezing the space out for Sociedad.
53' Martinez with a wide shot. it's very close but apparently offside anyway.
54' Gerard Deulofeu is seen warming up! oh! might be a debut for him!
56' Tamudo through the gaps in defense and Milito is there to run him out of space and Pinto to hold on to the ball.
57' Messi given a free kick after being fouled and he takes it back instead of going forwards.
58' Afellay's ball stolen by Martinez but doesn't realise until after... he's taken down again and free kick for Barca is given
59' Tamudo going for a shot, Pinto spills it and it gets back to him but Milito is calm and kicks it back to safety
60' FUCK. Alves clutching his face. GOD he's another fucking controversy. the crowd is roaring up. He was actually caught this time. replay obviously can't shut the crowd up though.
61' Pique off by Mascherano. interesting...
63' Fontas fouls Peretto and then gets fouled.
64' Linesman gives a wrong offside for Sociedad.
65' Clash of heads between Alves and Griezman. Alves is down.
66' Now Keita is down with a clash of heads in the area...
66' aah fucking hell. Messi runs a 60 yard fucking sprint and gets it to Jeffern, the keeper is nowhere near and he can't get it in. fucking shit. The look Messi gives him .... frustration.
68' Corner for Barca. Afellay controls and the shot isn't good.
68' Rivas subbed off.
70' Martinez goes down. Crowd gets angry and it's a free kick. Keita just caught him a bit there.
70' GOAL! SOCIEDAD! HOLY SHIT HE DOES A DOUBLE BACKFLIP IN CELEBRATION. totally saw this coming. IFRAN. I would say even though we're now drawing the celabration was cool. Fontas didn't see it coming and let Ifran run through and shooting it past the far side of Pinto. Pressure is on for another goal. Things might start getting interesting.
73' Obvious handball for Sociedad.
75' Xavi just obstructed there. He's really strangely calm....
75' Jeffern taken down again! Xavi takes a shot and Milito heads it in, it's a goal but it's actually onside but rulled offside. time to pretend not to be angry. Milito limping as well. god.
77' Busquets coming on for Milito. would like to see
79' God jesus Peretto coming in with a shot, Pinto just there to block it. Close.
80' Penalty. For Sociedad. fucking shit. Mascherano takes him down. god. jesus. christ. come on. pinto. goal. goal. fuck. 2 - 1.
9 minutes. would you believe it. fucking shit. pinto is angry at himself. Mascherano angry at himself.
83' Pep. Sub jeffern out. I'm dying here. he's either on the floor or missing shots. either time the clock is ticking.
84' Bravo spills the ball off a shot from Jeffern and Messi is almost there to take another but Bravo puts a hand on it.
85' Afellay's ball in is deflected. it's a corner. god. jesus. christ
86' Afellay goes through like 5 defenders and Jeffern fails again and Thiago's shot is way over the bar. this is. so. annoying. come on, we're undefeated away.
88' For fuck's sake what is going on. people can't make their minds up about who's throw in it is. And Markel comes on for Sociedad.
89' three minutes to be added.
90 fucking. shots at the goal. messi's pass is too long for afellay and he puts it in for Busquets but it is deflected. GOD.
92' Keita missing the chance of getting a header in goal as Bravo gets it.
93' it's over. Sociedad have got the record of longest unbeaten run tonight. oh well. better tonight against Sociedad than Espanyol next week. Imagine how they'd laugh in they were the ones who ruined our unbeaten away run.
something weird is going on tonight. Blackburn beat Bolton, Aston Villa lost to West Brom, Zaragoza scored 3 goals against Madrid and won, and Barcelona losing to Sociedad. this is... fishy....